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Uncle Davey's Ice Cream Shoppe


We just love ice cream!

Uncle Davey's Ice Cream Shoppe began as my wife and I, along with our family, were restoring the building to begin this new venture.  We were deciding what to do with the space and at that time, a long time ice cream shop in Ohio near our home, announced that they were closing and the owner retiring.  We ended up purchasing all of the equipment from this location and moved it to Michigan into the building and that's how it all began.  Having worked in Food Service all my life, I knew the interaction and joy that ice cream brings to people, so it was an easy transition to begin our new venture.  After 10 years we have moved and expanded from that original location to now offer Pizza, Wings, Chili Dogs' and more. So come out and see us, stop in or drive thru. We are only 8 miles west on M-50 from the Dundee exit off US-23, right across from the Fire Station in Britton, MI. 

10 years later

It's what's on the inside that counts

We started this venture in July of 2013 and celebrated our 10 year anniversary during construction and re-location to our new restaurant.  The same pride and commitment to quality of products and family friendly service remain our focus today. Because we know, if you don't have a great product and treat people well, then customers will not come back!

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